Overall calm during Jerusalem Pride Parade

Posted: June 25, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Own Articles


AS EXPECTED, TODAY’S Pride Parade in Jerusalem seen calm, instead of usual ultra-orthodox riots, excluding several peaceful protests by the community. Overall, it was quiet today in Jerusalem.

There was one man who made a wise choice by cancelling his invitation to join the procession – Jerusalem’s mayor Nir Barkat, who told reporters he would not attend: “My reasons are my own”. It seems to me, he made a wise choice.

It is true, that hatred towards the homosexual community still exists, as well as the hate towards Jews, Arabs, Moroccans, Russians, policemen, toll collectors, courts, politicians and your friend, who promised to return those fifty dollars two months ago. Moreover, hatred is not going anywhere, and intolerance will always be around us. Is this, however, a reason good enough to block city’s streets annually, waving huge flags and proudly declaring: “I’m gay”? I say: no. Not because the gay community is different – on the contrary, they are exactly like us. Everyone has a thing of his or her own, does that mean we should be strolling through the streets, parading our thing? If my life consists of using the computer all day long – should I start a procession down the street, holding a huge “I love my laptop” sign and caressing my keyboard?

And what about straight people? Should they form processions on the streets, declaring: “We are straight!” hugging boyfriends and girlfriends? And what about the zoophiles?

And here is the wisdom of Barkat: instead of giving in to cheap calls for tolerance from community calling for constant attention to itself, he decided to keep the city peaceful, without turning the large religious community against himself. No doubt, it will help him push forward projects, which otherwise would not get enough political support.

With all the regret, I have to state this to the gay community: you are not different. You are just people. Bringing constant attention to yourselves does not further your cause – on the contrary, it pushes adults away from you, not because they hate you for being gay, but because they hate being stuck in traffic and not able to get home for four hours. There is nothing to be proud of here.

There will always be hate. But concentrating on it helps no one. Instead of living their peaceful lives, the homosexual public goes out of its way to arouse attention to its goal. The goal? Equality for the homosexuals.

Only when they will act equal, will they be equal.


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