Mashaal rejects state for Jews, UN mission to open gates to HAMAS liars

Posted: June 28, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Anti-Israel, Cast Lead, Gaza, Hamas, IDF, Israel, Palestinians, United Nations

HAMAS gunmen resting in Gaza

UNITED NATIONS’ INVESTIGATIVE commission to Gaza will open public hearings for the victims of Israeli operation Cast Lead. The United Nations in Geneva released a statement, according to which such hearings will

“…enable victims from all sides in the conflict and experts on its consequences and impacts to speak directly to the international community of their experiences.”

Swell. We obviously can’t wait for opening of public hearings in Sderot and Ashkelon. Should we bear hope?

The hearings will be held at UN HQ in Gaza on July 6 and 7. Being public, UN hopes such hearings would bring up testimonies from people whom investigators could not have heard otherwise. You should actually read it as: Goldstone’s mission will be wide open to hear all tales of IDF murdering innocent civilians by HAMAS provocateurs and liars. While honest people will certainly be there, the terror group would not pass on an opportunity to add sour flavor to the eyewitness accounts. Moreover, it is unlikely Gazans would be allowed to relate HAMAS’ actions against its own population, as Haniyeh’s men will certainly keep observant of the inquiry.

And they are certainly doing a good job, at least media-wise. Associated Press reports on civilians recounting alleged Israel’s strikes, with no prior warnings:

"We were shocked when we heard the loud noise coming from the Israeli shelling, then one of the missiles landed on top of us. There were 11 people killed," he said.

"My legs were cut off, and then I looked and saw my father and my family. Most of them had been killed. The children were screaming."

I am not denying such attacks took place, and investigation should be launched into IDF’s conduct. However, United Nations is not a body capable of impartiality. Would Goldstone and his team put such stories in context of HAMAS terrorists possibly operating nearby? Would they be willing to view IDF tapes – available to the public – of terror fighters firing from within Gaza’s residential areas into Israeli residential areas?

Would Goldstone take into account that the sole reason for few Israeli casualties from Qassam rockets is the fact that Israelis spent millions into building rocket shelters? That in the city of Sderot every bus stop is a small bomb shelter? Would he criticize HAMAS for not creating such infrastructure, which could save hundreds of lives, while themselves hiding under a hospital? Very unlikely.


IN THE MEANWHILE, Khaled Mashaal – the peaceful dove that he is – outright rejected Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposal for a Palestinian state, calling the idea “pathetic”. Mashaal, in his statement Thursday, said his terror group disagrees with Netanyahu on, basically, every point he had made:

"The Palestinian people reject the Israeli position on a demilitarized state, on the refugees, on Jerusalem, and on the Jewish state.”

Mashaal also reminded many, that his group would not be at peace with a Jewish state, saying that recognizing Israel as one

"…would erase the right of return to lands taken in 1948."

Mashaal’s words were always quite transparent: he is clear on a notion that while his organization would accept creation of a Palestinian state outside of Israel’s 1967 borders, they would not accept a Jewish state. HAMAS officials – and many from FATAH, Mahmoud Abbas’ group – believe Israel exists illegally, and all territory should belong to the Palestinians, thus shilling for two states for one people concept – Palestine, the state for the Palestinians, and Israel – a democratic state with Palestinian majority.

Sadly, this statement would elude most Americans, Europeans and radical Left-wing activists, supporting talks with HAMAS.

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