HAMAS’ popularity waning

Posted: June 29, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Gaza, Palestinians

HAMAS terrorists encourage Palestinian child during Gaza rally

PALESTINIANS ARE FINALLY fed up, it seems, with HAMAS’ policies of tight military control, executions and false promises – so according to recent poll by East Jerusalem based Jerusalem Media and Communications Center. Conducted among 1,199 respondents, the poll shows support for HAMAS dropping 8.9%, from 27.7% in January to 18.8% now.

The 8.9% gap made its way to Mahmoud Abbas’ FATAH group, raising support for its cause to 34.9%, from 26% in January:

"It’s a sort of protest by the people (of Gaza) because there is no progress on these two major issues," [head of the media unit at the East Jerusalem-based JMCC Khader] Khader said.

And protest is exactly what Palestinians need right now. IDF’s operation Cast Lead and Israeli government’s lack of cooperation on issue of Palestinian prisoners, clearly portrayed its impotence in handling Gaza, while also keeping it poor and destroyed. Some Gazans were particularly dismayed with the terrorist group, when its fighters took cover in civilian infrastructure, in most cases avoiding fight with IDF soldiers, its leaders hiding in a bunker – allegedly under Shifa hospital.

While most sources within Gaza say Palestinians are unable to express their disagreement with HAMAS, for fear of being proclaimed collaborators with Israel and executed, such results might point to HAMAS swiftly losing widespread support for its cause among Palestinians. It is conceivable that HAMAS would suffer defeat in elections – although none are currently planned.


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