Halting checks at Hawara is a bad idea – even under US pressure

Posted: July 1, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in IDF, Israel, Own Articles, Palestinians, Terrorism, West Bank

15 years old Palestinian boy arrested with suicide belt at Hawara checkpoint

ON MAY 24, 2005, 15-years-old Palestinian boy (pictured right) arrived at the Hawara IDF checkpoint, near the city of Nablus. The boy aroused suspicion of the troops, who cleared the area and ordered the youth to take off his clothes, exposing suicide belt. IDF’s Engineering Corps. officers took the vest off the boy, using remote-controlled robots. Several months after that, another boy was arrested under similar circumstances.

The Hawara checkpoint is known for its dangers. Guarding the post, IDF soldiers faced acid attacks, stabbings and explosives. Due to its hazardous nature, the post is mostly guarded by IDF’s paratrooper battalions – some of the most trained among Israeli troops.

This morning it was revealed that IDF would significantly reduce the wait time for Palestinians on foot, by ceasing individual checks of each person passing the post. This decision follows another one taken by IDF commanders, allowing Palestinian road traffic to flow by reducing checks.

First and foremost it is important to declare that the goal is noble. The Palestinians have the right to work and move freely around their future state. However, upcoming dangers should also be taken into consideration. After all, it is no secret that the deciding factor for near cessation of deadly terror from West Bank into Israel was the enormous pressure the IDF put on Palestinians, following which it was nearly impossible to smuggle firearms and explosives.

Easing restrictions would also release a demon – Palestinian terrorists, with all their pro-brotherhood proclamations – never cared for their people, otherwise they would think twice before attacking cafe’s and disco’s, thus causing a tight closure on the entire West Bank. Thus, we can conclude, flow of Palestinian traffic would bring more terror with it. While IDF soldiers are certainly adequately trained and equipped to counter such threats, lives could be lost.

Hopefully, Palestinians would understand that roaming their land freely is much better than hatred, enclosed among four walls.

  1. Please don’t get me wrong: I want Palestinians to live a better life. It’s just the question of how to make it so that one does not come at the expense of the other and vice versa.

  2. tekhelet says:

    Very good point and post Jonathan. Will forward this out. When I was in Israel I got to enjoy good security, it was safe in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. However by easing up on the checks of incoming traffic from West Bank, you are right that while noble as it is, it is also an unwise move. I hope tourism will not be affected by this!

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