Transportation Ministry uses busses to avoid traffic accidents

Posted: July 1, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel
Special busses would carry youngsters to and from bars and pubs

Special busses would carry youngsters to and from bars and pubs (Courtesy: Walla.Co.IL)

FIRST TESTED IN Jerusalem last year, Israeli Ministry of Transportation enacts the use of public transportation in order to avert traffic accidents caused by drinking young men and women. Jerusalemite test was lauded as successful by many, and will be enacted within major Israeli cities this summer.

The busses – such as one pictured – would drive most of the night, collecting passengers to and from major night life destinations, such as discos, bars and pubs. During the rest of the year, such lines would work on weekends. This step – MoT officials hope – would substantially reduce volume of deadly traffic accidents, taking hundreds of lives annualy.

Talya Goren, an official organizing the work of such bus lines, told Hebrew Walla! news website this is the first time ever all four major bus companies currently operating in Israel cooperate on the issue. Goren also said, that MoT first discovered such operation in London, where such bus lines are long-testes practice. According to estimates, 400,000 youngester would ride such bus lines this summer.


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