Israel backs down in umpteenth time

Posted: July 5, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Gilad Shalit, Hamas, IDF, Israel, Own Articles, Terrorism

NEWS OUTLETS REPORT today that Israeli government delays yet again hearing on the law intended to pressure HAMAS into ceding kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. The panel’s aim is to formulate legal methods to worsen conditions of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, such as taking away education benefits and certain perks. For example:

Gilad Shalit

According to the motion, a prisoner affiliated with a terror organization which is holding an Israeli citizen or resident in imprisonment conditions and preventing that citizen from receiving visitors, will not be entitled to visitors himself.

Yet, due to the failure of responsible parties to formulate their stance on the issue – and because of Israeli-HAMAS talks on Shalit being on a sensitive stage – the government decided, for the meantime, to delay the hearings, as to not disrupt possible deal closure.

Sounds ridiculous? It sure is. Not only it apparently takes screeching apparatus months to reach a somewhat comprehensible conclusion on the matter (I understand the need to council, but months? ), the individuals behind the proposal evidently see no reason to rush for Shalit’s release, taking their time. I understand, this is just human nature – they’d be running around in circles all day if their kid would be kidnapped – but don’t they have a sense of compassion? How ridiculously slow can this thing be?

But maybe there is something they know, that we don’t. As many alleged in the past, it is quite possible – probable, even – that Corporal Shalit is not among the living. Even if he survived the devastating attack on IDF troops, it is unlikely HAMAS would keep him alive for long – seeing experience of their brothers to the north (Hizb Allah) – Gaza’s Ismail Haniyeh appreciates the ease with which Hassan Nasrallah forced Israelis to release hundreds of live prisoners for bodies of five dead IDF troops (in two separate exchanges). Thus, HAMAS likely sees no justification for keeping the prisoner alive, with all possible fuss he can bring along (such as escape attempts).

No doubt, Israel’s previous trade with the terrorists cost another young man his life.

Sadly, he is not last.


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