Article of the day, by Yarden Gazit

Posted: July 26, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Politics, US

US and Israel flags

WHILE IT IS rare to read sane points of view in modern media, some clearly stand out. One of such people is Yarden Gazit, the article of Ynet op-ed, calling for Israel to re-examine its close ties with the United States. Gazit presents a rather unpopular point, turning the debate on US-Israel relations on its head.

While many within the US criticize "Israel lobby" and administrations’ support for Israel as the root for Muslim hatred towards the US, Gazit counters by arguing Israel might be the one hurt aligning itself so closely with the States:

Muslim countries’ hostility towards the US does not result from its support for Israel. (After all, it was the Ayatollah Khomeini who called Israel the “small Satan,” and America the “great Satan.”) Rather, their hostility towards Israel results, at least partially, from their perception of Israel as a state created and sustained by the West. Khomeini aside, many Muslims are hostile to the West not because of religious fanaticism, but because of the history of colonialism and American support for dictatorships in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Iran (prior to 1979.) Recently, America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have only strengthened anti-American sentiment. As long as Israel is viewed as a client state foreign to the region, rather than an independent, indigenous one, it will never enjoy legitimacy in the eyes of the Arabs.

Gazit maintains Israel-US relations are important for the former – but relying on it so strongly, Israel might be hurting its stand, and – says Gazit – it might be time to look for more friends in the world. Moreover – the author claims Israel might have hard time seeking new relationships, while being viewed as a proxy to US interests in the Middle East. With loose ties, Israel could form new relationships, which could benefit it politically and economically.

Read the whole thing.

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