Lieberman receives unexpected support gesture

Posted: August 27, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Israeli Palestinians, Palestinians, Politics

Israeli FM Avigdor Lieberman THE NATIONAL AND international press are busy assaulting Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s decision to bar those who never served the Israeli Defense Forces or the National Service from Foreign Ministry’s cadet course. Liberman’s decision – surprisingly – was supported today by Israel’s Consul General to Alexandria, Egypt – Hassan Ka’bia.

Ka’bia, a Bedouin and a former Lieutenant-Colonel in Israeli Defense Forces, stated to the press that Lieberman’s decision was right one, asserting such act would only ban those not willing to contribute to their communities:

For many years already, the Arab sector has ganged up against national service. There were demonstrations against national service. I say, these are people who are supposed to be partners with the State. They need to do national service at the very least: to work in the village, in hospitals, somewhere.

Ka’bia then went on to say that while he is not calling for Arab population to join the Army, he believes Arab youths should join the National Service – an Israel-wide project, incorporating dozens of thousands of youths, service for a year or two, contributing to the community by means of working with the sick and the elderly, children and the disabled, etc.

He then expressed his full support for Lieberman’s stand:

If you don’t identify with the State, this is a problem," he said. "I am not coming to sign them on a loyalty document, but identification is (expressed) through contribution. In order to represent the State, you must identify with it, to be familiar with the society. The cadets’ course that trains diplomats is not enough. You must prove that you have done something for Israeli society. I hold Lieberman in great esteem for what he said."

The minister’s statements aren’t against Arabs. He isn’t speaking out against us. He is saying – this is the most prestigious course that trains diplomats to serve in various countries. As a consul, I need to explain the government’s policies, the policies of what is going on in Israel. Therefore, it is not enough to come to the diplomatic corps and do a course

There is a bunch of diplomats from the Druze sector, as well as Arabs and Bedouins


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