Egypt says no Scuds to HizbAllah

Posted: April 24, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Egypt, Hezbollah, Israel, Middle East, Terrorism

Scud3a In a recent press-release, Egypt’s FM Ahmed Abul Gheit mocked Israeli allegations of Lebanese HizbAllah acquiring Scud ground-to-ground missiles from Syria:

"These allegations are lies and are laughable," Abul Gheit told reporters in Beirut as he began an official visit.

"Egypt stands by Lebanon under all conditions and in the face of all threats," he added.


EGYPTIANS SHOULD BE worried. Hosni Mubarak understands that HizbAllah, being Iran’s proxy, could attack his own country. If Hassan Nasrallah is indeed in possession of Scud missiles, he could strike as far as Cairo, making one of Mubarak’s worst dreams come very true. In the past, Egypt arrested dozens of HizbAllah operatives on its soil, alleging those planned attacks on several targets inside Cairo. While Nasrallah’s rivalry against Mubarak is currently on hold, Egyptians understand they may be the next target after the Israelis.

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