Gazans celebrate Family Day

Posted: April 26, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Gaza, Palestinians

Despite press and UN reports describing Gaza as mostly poor, with Gazans having little access to luxury, at times the picture is different. As Family Day arrives, UNRWA-sponsored festival opens, finally giving Gaza’s children access to what seems mundane to most of us:

Gazans, dressed as clowns, celebrate on the streets (courtesy: Ma'an News Agency)


SOME CRITICS DISMISS reports of Gaza being excessively poor, pointing to pictures such as these as proof. In my mind, it is clear Gazans have little access to many luxuries Westerners possess (while some items are hard to get hands on, they are still accessible). It is clear that Gaza’s condition is poor and it solely depends on its neighbors for water, power and fuel. Yet, it is no other’s fault than of Hamas and Ismail Haniyeh. After violently forcing opposition from the Strip, Hamas forced Gazan people into ultra-religious submission, including violence and executions. It is up to Gazans to destroy the radical rule.


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