IDF SpecOps neutralize murder mastermind

Posted: April 26, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in IDF, Israel, Palestinians, Terrorism, West Bank

IDF Special Forces operating in the West Bank As the IDF encircled the house, Palestinians opened fire at the force. The Israel Defense Forces said no soldiers were injured in the shooting. During the operation, a bulldozer demolished part of the house.

The soldiers called on Sweiti to exit the house several times. After he refused to turn himself in, the force employed the "pressure cooker" procedure, which included firing at one of the house’s external walls. Other methods were also used to get Sweiti to leave the building.

The force used a bulldozer to gradually shake the structure in which he was hiding and give him another chance to turn himself in. At the end of the operation, the terrorist was found dead among the rubble of the house he was hiding in.

Sweiti has been wanted by Israel since 2002, for his involvement in shooting attacks. Among other things, Sweiti was behind the killing of Border Guard officer Yaniv Mashiach in 2004. Two soldiers were injured in the 2002 incident.

A cooperating force, consisting of the Border Guard and IISS (Israeli Internal Security Service aka Shin Bet) surrounded and eventually killed 42-years-old Ali Sweiti, mastermind behind several shooting attacks against Israeli civilians and security personnel:


IT IS SADDENING that Sweiti chose to die a martyr, instead of joining Israeli prison system to receive – among other things – access to high education and satellite television. On the bright side – for him – his face will gaze on thousands of young Palestinian children from pictures plastered on mosques, schools and hospitals.

Operations similar to this are somewhat common on the Palestinian-controlled territories, which harbor dozens of high-profile fugitives, responsible for terror attacks against Israeli civilian infrastructure. While cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian security forces mounts, many highly ranked militants are still given a free pass.


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