Liberal Swedes holds hands with Hamas, attack Jews

Posted: April 26, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Activists, European Union, International, Palestinians

Pro-Palestinian protests in Europe In an interesting posting today, Sara – a former resident of Swedish Malmö – describes the current fatuous stand of liberal Sweden, with attacks against Jews rising and Hamas receiving entry visas:

Sweden’s two-faced image as a humanitarian country can be illustrated by the fact that the state, in 2006, gave visas to representatives of the Hamas government. Hamas was at the time boycotted by the European Union as the EU categorizes Hamas as a terror organization which allows and encourages suicide bombings and rocket attacks against civilians in Israel. Sweden, nonetheless, did not care, or was neutral to legitimizing Hamas representation in Sweden.

Sweden, as cited in the book Behind the Humanitarian Mask (author, Manfred Gerstenfeld), still continues to refuse to prosecute several suspected Baltic Nazi War Criminals that are thought to have collaborated with the Nazis in exterminating Jews. Sweden’s dismissive attitude to the prosecution of WWII criminals further emphasises the state as apathetic when dealing with violence and injustice.

In a full-fledged democracy such as Sweden, recent violence and threats against all civilians in the state should be recognized and dealt with by the state.

READ THE REST here – and weep over liberal Europe.


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