Hamas’ top official denounces 3D mockery, likely pre-planned

Posted: April 28, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Gilad Shalit, Hamas, Israel, Terrorism

Hamas' terrorists' pre-mission interview As Hamas propaganda branch releases a video, mocking the grief of Israeli people, one of Hamas’ top officials denounces the video clip, which portrays Gilad Shalit’s father aging and eventually receiving son in a coffin:

But while meeting a delegation from the South African government on Tuesday Mr Zahar, a founding member of Hamas, said the film "does not express the official position of the Hamas movement."

"We have not and will not kill captive Israeli soldiers. Our morals and our religion prevent us from doing that."


DON’T BE MISTAKEN: the clip and the rebuttal are likely a clever propaganda step by Hamas to both attack Israelis’ psyche and influence international community in favor of the terror group. Claiming that Islam prevents murder in this case is a farce – I would love to see Zahar explaining murder of hundreds of Israeli civilians, though – and Hamas knows it. However, Hamas expects such preposterous claim to lighten its image around the world, illustrating genocidal maniacs seeking murder of Jews as “pragmatic”. As we know, of course, Hamas is nothing but pragmatism.


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