Disgraced journalist says will return stolen documents

Posted: April 29, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Anti-Israel, IDF, Israel

Anat Kam in court (courtesy: the7eye.org.il) The Anat Kam saga – extensively reported by blogs and newswires around the world – made another steps towards resolution, despite the finale being far away. Uri Blau, a journalist for Israeli Left-wing Haaretz daily, currently hiding in London from Israeli investigators and military agents, agreed to return thousands of stolen documents to the IDF and prosecutors.

In March it was revealed that during her military service, Anat Kam – currently considered to be a journalist and a source – stole close to 2,000 documents, some labeled Top Secret, from IDF offices during her service. Kam burned the scanned versions of documents onto CD discs and passed them on to Blau. Kam is currently under house arrest and is being charged with espionage – one of the worst possible charges under Israeli law. The IDF claimed that significant operational changes had to be made prior to 2008’s operation Cast Lead due to theft.

Today, various news sources claimed Blau would return the documents in his possession, but declined to return ones obtained from other sources:

[Attorney Tali] Lieblich said, "We have received the information from Uri, and I would like to emphasize that the documents are in Israel and he did not take them anywhere. It is time this rumor is laid to rest. In the coming days we will hand them over to the authorities."

Lieblich further noted that the defense establishment’s demand to receive all of the material in Blau’s possession is not new, but that Blau and the Haaretz newspaper refuse to hand it all over, and say the only material he plans to give to the defense establishment is that which he received from Anat Kam, since she waived confidentiality on it.

Lieblich added that there is no other agreement between Blau and the security authorities.


THE DECISION TO return the stolen property certainly points to success of pressure the Israeli authorities put on both Blau and – especially – Kam. Kam’s family attested to the fact she was ideology-driven, but never meant to harm State’s security. While some would enjoy the attention, the young woman – constantly shown on TV screens – was visibly troubled and anxious. It is likely she also has put pressure on Blau to return the documents.

While Kam will likely get reduced sentence if the property is return, she still would likely face jail sentence. As for Blau, he is unlikely to return to Israel, due to his denial to return information from other confidential sources.

  1. Sharon says:

    This was a sad fiasco. If the guy wishes to return to Israel, he should be prepared to be prosecuted. That might be a better thing to do, surrender and admit his wrong doing, because to live on with a bad/guilty conscience will be heard to bear down the years.

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