Gazans say man killed in a protest

Posted: April 29, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Gaza, IDF, Israel, Palestinians

Hamas gunman places IED in Gaza According to several witnesses and Palestinian officials, a man was killed during a demonstration against Israel’s 300 meter (328 yards) buffer zone around Gaza. The zone, set up to protect IDF troops from infiltrators and IEDs, is tightly monitored and several Palestinians were shot in past years attempting to cross it:

They said the 20-year-old was shot as he and scores of other protesters planted Palestinian flags in the ground near the border fence, east of Gaza City. Some threw stones, drawing gunfire from an Israeli patrol on the far side of the fence.

It was the first death at such demonstrations, weekly events that organizers hope will draw attention to Israel’s policy of barring Palestinians from coming within 300 meters (yards) of the border. Those that do risk being shot on sight.

A military spokeswoman said troops had fired warning shots when the protesters threw rocks and lit a fire that threatened to damage the fence. Israeli investigators were looking into the accusation that the shooting killed a Palestinian, she said.


WHILE ANY DEATH is deplorable, it is sad people risk their lives knowing full well the danger is very real. The protesters attempted to enter the area expecting to stay safe due to a mass protest. However, as Palestinian gunmen used protests to attack IDF troops on several occasions, the soldiers take no chances. In the past, several IEDs, planted across the zone, under the border fence, killed and maimed several IDF soldiers and officers.


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