Southern Block prepares for war, analysts say

Posted: April 29, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Hezbollah, IDF, International, Israel, Lebanon, Middle East, Terrorism, United Nations

Nasrallah's shields? UNIFIL soldiers in Lebanon According to certain news reports, Iran, Syria and Hizballah actively prepare for an confrontation with Israel, as early as this summer:

As DEBKAfile’s military sources reported last week, Syrian instructors have trained two Hizballah brigades in the use of mobile Scud missiles which carry one-ton warheads. It does not matter if those missiles are moved physically across the border to Lebanon, because those brigades can operate them against Israel at short notice from either side of the border.

Our Washington sources report that Syrian president Bashar Assad, under heavy pressure from Washington to keep the Scuds out of Hizballah’s hands, explained to the Obama administration through diplomatic channels that as long as they were kept inside Syria, the Scuds must be seen as a defensive and deterrent weapon against a possible Israeli attack onLebanon and Syria. He thus placed on Israel the onus for any future outbreak of hostilities.


THESE DEVELOPMENTS DEFINITELY worry Israeli officials, despite the attempts to keep a straight face. According to the military, there is a connection between Nasrallah’s recent anti-Israel rhetoric and the acquisition of Scud A ground-to-ground missiles.

As IDF braces for fight, Lebanese authorities better take notice: another war with Israel means another economic and political setback.

This time, however, Nasrallah plans to play the same game with different rules. Unlike the 2006, today the Lebanese Armed Forces and the UNIFIL are both present in South Lebanon. Even if HizbAllah’s provocation triggers armed Israeli response, the UN forces and Lebanese soldiers could be accidentally attacked, thus damaging Israel’s political stance and renewing demands for it to halt the operation. Nasrallah certainly counts on putting the Lebanese military and international UN force as shields between himself and the Israelis.

  1. Sharon says:

    Todah for the report. UN shields huh? By the way, seems that Indonesia will be appointed as naval peacekeeper for the UN this time round? Had read it on a news site, probably Jpost if I recall correct. Indonesia has no diplomatic ties with Israel, so it is not a good idea in my view.

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