Israeli Police’s night raid arrests 7 settlers

Posted: April 30, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, West Bank
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Clashes near Yitzhar between local residents and Police The IDF, the Police and the Border Guard entered radical settlement of Yitzhar at 04:30 tonight, arresting 7 individuals, 3 of them minors. According to the Police, the seven failed to show up to court hearings:

Police said they had been arrested because they failed to show up for questioning.

Those arrested are suspected, among other things, of disturbing public order. It is not clear whether the arrests have any connection with recent settlement acts of vengeance against Palestinians, known as "price tag" acts, or with recent settler violence against IDF troops.


THE SPOKESMAN FOR the settlement complained to the press about the nightly raid:

Yitzhar spokesman Avraham Binyamin, who was also questioned by police, told Ynet that at about 4:30 am the security forces dragged him out of bed because, they said, he had failed to respond to three orders sent by post that he present himself for questioning.

"It’s just a police plot," he said. "There were no such orders. There are many ways to arrest someone, it doesn’t have to be done in the dead of night."


Of course, it is just a plot! How didn’t we think of it sooner? But if you still have doubts, here is one reason for the forces to show up at night – to curb attempts of violent assault against the troops:

APRIL 20, 2010 — Settlers from Yitzhar beat and lightly wounded a solider Tuesday evening. The IDF said the settlers also hurled stones and slashed the tires of a military vehicle.

The incident took place after a military force issued a closed military zone order to keep the settlers from entering the Palestinian village of Madma, south of Nablus. An altercation broke out, during which the settlers attacked the soldiers.


And if that wasn’t enough, the peaceful people, who really did nothing wrong, went out to vent their rage against Palestinian civilians:

According to Palestinian sources, Jewish settlers from Yitzhar made their way to the nearby village of Hawara and vandalized kindergartens and homes. The settlers also set fire to Palestinian-owned agricultural land.

According to the Palestinians, the Jewish settlers threw stones, shattered windows and destroyed the roofs of local Palestinian homes.

The Palestinians said IDF soldiers did not prevent the settlers from venting their rage.

Shai-District police said they detained a bulldozer driver in Yitzhar for violating the construction moratorium. According to police, dozens of local settlers gathered at the scene, threw stones and burned tires.

Four settlers were detained on suspicion of rioting, police said.


It should be made clear that a very small percentage of settler population acts out this way. Most Israeli settlers live in relative peace with their Palestinian neighbors, even cooperating in some fields, such as emergency rescue. However, some radicals decide violence is the answer. To be fair, the residents of Yitzhar have suffered many riots by their Palestinian neighbors, as well as terrorist attacks resulting in killed and wounded. The situation is flammable and both sides have valid complaints and traumas. However, using violence as a first resort is despicable and should be immediately condemned by the leaders of the movement.


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