Hamas evicts Gazan family from home

Posted: May 1, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Gaza, Hamas, Palestinians, Terrorism

Hamas militants in Gaza As international activists and governments urge Israel to lighten its restraints on Gaza and start direct negotiations with Hamas, the latter rule Gaza with armed fist and, in some cases, evicting residents from their homes, giving a “bonus” to their men:

A’lyia Aweida said she returned to the apartment on 3 April to collect some belongings, only to find a de facto government police officer, who she identified only by his initials, RAH, and his wife living in her home.

It was the end of January, and Aweida had already moved in with her father at the time, who was released from the Intensive Care unit at Gaza City’s Ash-Shifa Hospital where he was being treated for late-stage cancer.

She said she showed him the deeds, that the apartment was owned by her husband Sa’eed Aweida. “We showed them all of the papers that prove that the apartment is privately owned by the Aweida family and that is it not owned by the Palestinian Authority.”

Aweida went to the de facto government’s Ministry of the Interior to speak with under secretary of the ministry Kamel Madi. “We did not find him in, and instead met with a man who said he was the head of Madi’s office. He told us the apartment was seized on account of an embezzlement charge against Said Aweida, and that the decision was taken by the undersecretary of the ministry,” she said.

When the family requested a copy of the decision to confiscate the department, they were told to return the following week. There was no document ready when they returned, and after several inquiries, found that there “was no such decision concerning our issue,” Aweida explained.


THE ABOVE IS jus the gist – you should read the entire report.

What baffles most about the international support for Hamas is the inhumanity with which the “peace activists” treat Gazan civilians. Supporting Hamas in its violent rule over Gaza Strip is the best way to make sure the people would stay oppressed by their own ruling party for years if not decades. As Hamas firmly refuses to cooperate with “Zionist” Fatah and feels the economic pressure due to the blockade, it pushes its own population even harder, levying new taxes and establishing new rules that would leave the population firmly poor and helpless.


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