Israeli diplomat assaulted by pro-Palestinian activists

Posted: May 1, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Activists, European Union, International, Israel, Palestinians, Press and Media
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Palestinian activists attack Lador's vehicle As the pro-Palestinian lobby does its best to present itself as the Zeus of non-violent protests, the facts seem to speak against it. In a latest incident, pro-Palestinian activists attacked Talya Lador-Fresher, the Deputy Ambassador to Britain:

The protesters were waiting for Lador-Fresher outside the lecture hall, but this did not deter her from entering as planned. Immediately upon her exit, the protesters lunged at the diplomat, prompting security guards to whisk her back into the hall. Following a consultation on the site, it was decided to escort her out of the premises in a police car.

The deputy ambassador was removed from the hall and into the police vehicle. However, this did not block the protesters, who surrounded the car and climbed on the hood, trying to break the windshield.

Lador-Fresher ultimately was taken away from the scene safe and sound.


AS THE PRO-PALESTINIAN lobby around the world fights for it’s right for free speech, they deny the right to anyone disagreeing with their points of view – with some going as far as to suggest the Jews should “go back to the oven”. One democracy that is.

The amazing fact about the story is that – as one blog points out – it was not featured on any British news source. It seems that in Britain only one type of freedom of speech is accept – the anti-Israeli kind.


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