Obama plays the Jewish field, declares Heritage month

Posted: May 1, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in International, Israel, Palestinians, Peace Process, US

Gathering supporters for "peace" push? Obama (courtesy: New York Times) Feeling the pressure of the pro-Israel movement, US President Barack Obama decided to play the Jewish field, declaring May 2010 a Jewish-American Heritage Month:

Obama said in a statement that the U.S. has always been both a haven and a home for Jewish Americans, including those who arrived in the country "before America’s birth" and those "who sought refuge from the horrors of pogroms and the Holocaust."

Obama went on to say that Jewish Americans have immeasurably enriched the national culture, while maintaining their own unique identity.

"During Jewish American Heritage Month we celebrate this proud history and honor the invaluable contributions Jewish Americans have made to our nation," Obama said.


WHILE SOME AMERICAN Jews would surely view Obama’s step as a sign of his unconditional love for Jewry around the world. No doubt, however, that it is part of Obama strategy: winning the hearts and minds of the American Jews and garnering their support for his action on Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Moreover, Jews’ widespread support for Obama in the United States would allow him to put additional pressure on Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu.

Obama surely appreciates American Jewry – after all, he got his support, including financial, from many rich Jews. Just as much, Obama appreciates Left-wing Jewish organizations such as the J-Street, who support him in a push to impose a “peace solution” on Israel.


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