Right-wing proposes PA counter-boycott

Posted: May 2, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Palestinians, Politics, West Bank

A Palestinian store Following recent outlawing of settler goods by the Palestinian authorities, some Israeli Right-wing propose a counter-boycott:

Mr. Dayan suggested that Israel deduct the cost of lost sales from excise taxes that Israel collects for the P.A., as the P.A. boycotts good from the Territories and eastern Jerusalem.

Pointing out that tens of thousands of P.A. Arabs, amounting to 10% of the P.A. work force, is employed by Israelis, National Union MK Uri Ariel had urged that Israelis fire them and cease purchasing from Arabs in the P.A.  (Arutz-7, 4/30/10).


THE JEWS ALREADY have some experience with Palestinian boycotts. In 1929 the Palestinians started the first boycott of the Palestinian Jews – which eventually failed, due to Palestinian Arabs’ heavy dependence on the Jews, their hospitals and jobs.

The situation today is entirely different. While modern political correctness requires Israel to provide the PA with funds, food, fuel, power, water and others, a true boycott of the PA by Israel would immensely hurt Palestinian civilians.

This is precisely why Israel should not consider such move. While PA’s boycott is purely a political move (which many Palestinians despise), similar move by Israeli authorities could affect each and every Palestinian on the street.


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