Arab press criticizes Mubarak for talking to Israelis

Posted: May 3, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Egypt, Hezbollah, Israel, Lebanon, Middle East, Terrorism

Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak In an article called ‘Not hello and not welcome’, an editor of London’s Al-Quds Al Arabi (Arabic Jerusalem) accused Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak for inviting Benjamin Netanyahu for a meeting in Sharm al-Sheikh:

The editor of the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi, Abd al-Bari Atwan, who is not among Israel’s greatest fans, wrote in his article entitled ‘Not Ahalan and Not Sahalan’ that Israel was draining Mubarak of his last drops of blood.

He said Netanyahu wants to meet the president now as a cover for Israel’s next war, as former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni did before Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

"I can’t understand why Egypt continues to roll out the red carpet before Netanyahu during every visit, while the Israeli prime minister continues to deliver slaps to the faces of Egypt, the Arabs, and the Muslims," Atwan wrote.


IT IS FEASIBLE to assume Mubarak would meet Netanyahu to get on the same page regarding several issues. It is most likely Mubarak wants to hear from Israeli PM regarding HizbAllah’s alleged acquisition of Scud ground-to-ground missiles. The range of attack varies from model to model, but with modern Scud missiles having a range of up to 600 kilometers, HizbAllah could reach as far as Cairo. With power struggles between Egypt and Iran intensifying, Mubarak wants to see what evidence the Israelis have in regards to the Scuds.

No doubt many Arabs hate the idea of Mubarak cooperating with the Zionists, and to a certain extent it jeopardizes Mubarak’s rule – radical Muslim elements in Egypt would use such cooperation as pretext to launch a political assault on him. He also understands, however, that Nasrallah firing on Egypt from as far as Lebanon would put Mubarak not only in political jeopardy, but also in a physical one.


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