Fayyad reveals cards early, says won’t declare state

Posted: May 3, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Palestinians, Peace Process, West Bank
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Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad in Bethlehem After much talk of Palestinians unilaterally declaring a state, PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad revealed cards today, stating Palestinian Autonomy would not declare independence in a unilateral manner:

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said Sunday that a Palestinian state will not be declared by August 2011, adding that "as far as government institutions are concerned, we will be prepared for the establishment of a Palestinian state."

Fayyad stressed that "massive" US intervention was required to ensure that the negotiations will succeed, and said that Israel is continuing to build on lands which are designated for the future Palestinian state, particularly in east Jerusalem.


FAYYAD’S DECLARATION UNDOUBTEDLY comes under pressure from either Mahmoud Abbas, the Americans or both. The Europeans mostly support the idea of a unilateral state, as it was first pitched by EU’s Javier Solana over a year ago. Fayyad understands, however, that a unilateral declaration would bring a bloodbath, and would likely be seen as reckless on Palestinians’ part.

Still, unlike Abbas, he seems to want a State. Unlike Abbas, Fayyad is not part of corrupt-riddled Fatah, and he does his job fairly well. He understands, though, that he would not have the power to contain the eruption of violence after Palestine’s declaration of independence. So Fayyad’s tactics is to get everything ready and then push Israelis hard into concessions.

The tactic is not a wrong one. If Palestinians would be institutionally ready for a state, it is very likely all means possible would be used against Israel for it to agree for the establishment of Palestine.


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