Gazans protest the blockade

Posted: May 3, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Egypt, Gaza, Hamas, Middle East, Palestinians, West Bank

Hamas' Gazan chief Ismail Haniyeh It seems that Egypt’s intelligence from yesterday was indeed correct, as nearly two thousand Gazans gathered to protest the blockade. Most demonstrators, however, protested at IDF’s Erez crossing, while mere hundreds did a sit-in in Rafah:

"We call on the world to stop the siege of Gaza and to come to the defense of Palestinian workers in all Palestinian territories," said Ramzi Rabah, a protest organizer with the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

About 2,000 demonstrators waving red and Palestinian flags gathered near the Erez border crossing with Israel in northern Gaza in response to a call from the DFLP and other leftist factions.

Hundreds of other demonstrators, meanwhile, took part in a sit-in against the blockade – which causes high unemployment in the impoverished territory – at Rafah on the border with Egypt, witnesses said.


MIA AT THE demonstrations – Hamas leaders. Haniyeh should be blamed for the miserable position he put his people in; yet, the Hamas leaders stay at home, letting the civilians do their jobs.

It all comes at a price, however. Those are now Haniyeh’s people. While prior to Hamas’ violent takeover these were part of Palestinians – those now became Gazans, separated from the West Bank and the official Palestinian Autonomy. It is now Hamas’ job to safeguard its people – and they do a poor job on that.


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