Radicals decrying settlers’ tricks

Posted: May 3, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Activists, Anti-Israel, Israel, Palestinians, West Bank

Israeli settler in Hebron Israeli Left-wing Haaretz ran a story, decrying new settler “strategy” meant to evict Palestinians from their lands:

Some settlers are employing a new strategy to get Palestinians evicted from their land in the northern region of the Jordan Valley, Haaretz has learned. A number of settlers, some of whom are residents of the Maskiot settlement, set up a "protest" tent next to a tent belonging to Bedouin herdsmen near Wad el Maleh, on private Palestinian land. Last Thursday, after the Palestinians complained to the civil administration, both the Israelis and Palestinians there were handed decrees declaring the area a closed military zone, signed by brigade commander Yochai Ben-Yishai.


WHILE THERE IS little reason to doubt the substance of the story, it is important to mention that the author is Amira Hass, a highly-radical Israeli Left-wing activist, partially residing in Palestinian Ramallah. A year ago, Hass published an article, claiming Israel wants occupation, as it provides job and a great opportunity to oppress Palestinians:

Maintaining the occupation and a state of non-peace employs hundreds of thousands of Israelis. Some 70,000 people work in the security industry. Each year, tens of thousands finish their army service with special skills or a desirable sideline. For thousands it becomes their main career: professional soldiers, Shin Bet operatives, foreign consultants, mercenaries, weapons dealers. Therefore peace endangers the careers and professional futures of an important and prestigious stratum of Israelis, a stratum that has a major influence on the government.


Despite Hass’ radical lunacy, the report should not be discarded. If injustice indeed took place, the remedy should be swift.

Hass, however, fails to to provide readers with context. For example, not once does Hass mention in her article violent attacks against settlers by the Palestinians. While certainly looking bad, the situation is a result of mutual hatred. For Hass, however, settlers are the evil; Palestinians, however, can do no wrong.


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