Blau caves, surrenders documents

Posted: May 4, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Anti-Israel, IDF, Israel

Anat Kam. After much impasse, Israeli daily’s journalist Uri Blau agreed to surrender stolen IDF documents in his possession, which he received from former IDF soldier Anat Kam. Kam stole over 2,000 documents – some labeled Top Secret – and transferred them to Haaretz’s Blau:

Haaretz lawyers Mibi Mozer and Tali Lieblich met with Tel Aviv district attorneys Ruth David-Blum and Hadas Forer-Gafni to transfer the documents Anat Kamm allegedly stole when she was a soldier in the GOC Central Command and then leaked to Blau.

The parties involved are currently negotiating to resolve the matter and allow Blau, who has been in London since the affair first broke, to return to Israel.


"The process of handing over the documents has begun and is expected to continue in the coming days," Lieblic told Ynet.

The transfer of the documents was made possible after Kam waived her journalistic immunity as Blau’s source.


THE AFFAIR IS far from finished, however, as the state claims Blau possesses documents received from other sources, thus it is unlikely he could return to Israel unscathed. Kam, on the other hand, could receive a more lenient sentence, thanks to her cooperation with the authorities. According to past reports, Kam made several attempts to persuade Blau to return the documents, hoping a charge of espionage could be dropped against her.


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