Intel says Abbas to undermine talks

Posted: May 5, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Palestinians, Peace Process, Politics
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Tension all around. Netanyahu and Abbas. As I have covered extensively the cat-and-mouse games between Israelis and Palestinians – each throwing rocks into the other’s garden, expecting to blame the other for talks failure, Israeli Military Intelligence seems to have reach similar conclusions:

"[PA President Mahmoud] Abbas’ goal is to expose Israel’s true face and show that we do not want peace," Baidatz told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, adding that "Abbas is interested in an agreement with Israel, but his leeway on the core issues is limited."

"We do not detect any real attempt on Abbas’ part to show flexibility on the core issues, and he will start the talk with the same positions he presented to the previous [Israeli] government," he continued, concluding that "Abbas is laying the groundwork for the failure of the talks."


IN WHAT COULD be considered to be one of humanity’s grandest stalemates, neither Israel nor the Palestinians want to talk, and differences grow exponentially over time. Israel demands Palestinians recognize it as Jewish state first; Palestinians demand freeze to construction, obligation to many concessions and untangling security over PA as a precondition.

Netanyahu has his point: it is meaningless to restart talks unless Abbas recognizes Jews’ right for own state. No, not as means for Jews to feel better with them being in Israel, but in order to come to an understanding that the Jews go nowhere and peace must be reached with the Jews. Abbas, on the other hand, wants to see two states: a Palestinian Palestine, and an eventually Israel as state for all people, where Jews would become a minority within 50 years.

The absolutely worst part is that even if Abbas actually would want to talk and give Israel desired recognition, he would be unable to do so. After decades of incitement, the Arab world – his own people in particular – would not accept an official Jewish state. On the contrary – such recognition would be used by Abbas’ adversaries to tie him to “Zionists” and “Great Satan” in order to oust him.


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