Jewish terrorists unfit, says district shrink

Posted: May 5, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Israeli Palestinians, Palestinians, Terrorism

Face of a madman? Alleged terrorist, Jack (Yaakov) Teitel. In what resembles a cheap defense from Hollywood flick, Jerusalem’s district psychiatrist says Jack Teitel – alleged Jewish terrorist – is unfit to stand trial. Teitel allegedly murdered two Palestinians and stored a weapons cache in own house:

Teitel, a resident of the settlement Shvut Rachel, was charged last November with murdering two Palestinians and attempting to murder three people, including Hebrew University Professor Zeev Sternhell and Ariel teenager Ami Ortiz. Ortiz, from a family of Messianic Jews, was gravely wounded by a bomb packaged inside a Purim gift in March 2008.

Teitel admitted to placing the bomb at the time of his arrest, calling the Ortiz family "missionaries trying to capture weak Jews."

It should be noted, however, that the ruling does not affect Teitel’s responsibility for the crimes attributed to him, as he is charged with many separate events spread across eleven years. In order for the defense to claim his mental state affected his accountability for these crimes the defense would have to prove he was legally insane in each one of those incidents.


ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN MK Ahmad Tibi – together with several others – decried the report:

"An Arab who shoots a Jew in Israel is a terrorist, but a Jew who shoots Arabs is insane," Tibi said, adding that "this is a crazy system and its psychiatrists and the people who run it need to be shaken up."

Arab MK Taleb Al-Sana also responded to the evaluation and said that "he is the most sophisticated madman I know, who planned a series of terror attacks against Arabs and leftists, and if due to this he is unfit to stand trial then no man is."

It should be noted that, in part, Arab MKs’ opinion stems from outright ideology, that has nothing to do with facts at hand. If Teitel would attack a military base or armed policemen – like his Palestinian brethren – he would be shot on sight. Teitel, as a captured terrorist, will not be released, and is likely to spend the rest of his days in either jail or mental institution. The practice is very similar to one used against captured Palestinian terrorists, who usually stay in Israeli jails, unless released in “gestures of good will”.


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