Abbas fears rival, accuses of smuggling

Posted: May 6, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Hamas, Israel, Palestinians, West Bank
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PA's Abbas and Israel's Peres. Partners in peace or in war? Despite it is being very ironic for a Fatah official to criticize anyone for weapons smuggling, it is still important to note Mahmoud Abbas’ recent accusation of Hamas smuggling firearms into the West Bank:

"On the one hand, the organization is punishing those who launch rockets in Gaza, while at the same time it hoards weapons in the West Bank," the Palestinian leader said in an interview with the London-based A-Sharq al-Awsat.

Palestinian security forces routinely discover these caches, Abbas told the newspaper.

Abbas added that the Palestinian people were not interested in armed resistance, despite calls from Syria and Libya last month to return to violence and cut off contact with Israel.


WHILE OFFICIALLY PUSHING “peaceful rhetoric” – and with the press eating it right out of Abbas’ mouth – Abbas also added something very significant in this interview:

When you talk about Hamas in Gaza, it is against the firing of rockets and other missiles, and when you talk about a state within the 1967 … So, what’s the difference between us and them? There is no difference.

(Elder of Ziyon)

Without prior knowledge, you might be surprised seeing the statement from PA Prime Minister, saying there is essentially no difference between Fatah and Hamas. Yet, the rhetoric of both in regard to Israel was quite similar. While Fatah flocks to the West for economic reasons – with Hamas flocking to the radical Middle East for same reason precisely – both believe there is no place for a Jewish Israel in the Middle East, establishing a significant barrier preventing any possible success of the proximity talks. Not only Abbas isn’t ready to recognize Israel as a state for the Jews with Jewish majority, but if he is indeed correct and there is little difference between him and Khaled Mashaal – there will be no peace between Arabs and Jews.


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