Kibbutz Movement fights for Jordan Valley

Posted: May 6, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Palestinians, Peace Process

Jordan Valley (courtesy: Google) Here is a surprise: the Kibbutz Movement, a mostly Left-wing organization, is calling upon demobilized IDF soldiers to settle in new homes – in the Jordan Valley, next to Jordanian border. It would not be surprising at all – if only Palestinian Mahmoud Abbas wouldn’t demand these lands for himself. How will we achieve peace now?

Two weeks ago, the task force released a document entitled “Settlement in the Jordan Valley in areas under Israeli control,” stating that at a meeting with Jordan Valley Regional Council head David Lahiani that same week, a proposal was raised to designate a former army base as a potential new settlement. At that meeting, a date was set for a joint tour of the site, known as the Gadi army base, by military officials and Kibbutz Movement representatives.

The document states that the initiative is aimed at supporting residents encouraged by the government to move to the settlements, and to shore up the Kibbutz Movement as a major player in future political decisions over the status of the Jordan Valley.


WHILE NOT TECHNICALLY a deviation from course, the move is likely to be seen as provocative by Palestinians, who would surely accuse Israel of attempts to “Judaize” the Jordan Valley. Sadly, such accusations would be thrown at a Jewish state everywhere – as Palestinians consider all of Israel a “Palestine”.


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