Chomsky, idiots, say Israel has no right to do good

Posted: May 7, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Activists, Anti-Israel, Human Rights, International, Israel

Noam Chomsky. An idiot, no doubt. I know I should have added Chomsky to the “idiots” group, but it makes a catchy headline, doesn’t it? So here it is: American-Jewish linguist Noam Chomsky, notorious for his support of some of the worst regimes in the world, genocide-wise, together with few Israeli anti-Israel academics, called Israeli exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Science a “propaganda”. Chomsky, at different times, supported the Viet Cong, Cambodia’ Khmer Rouge and went as cheap as to manufacture President Truman’s quotes. Yet now, he criticizes Israeli environmentalist exhibit under banner of Israel Innovation Week as an Israeli attempt to… Well, read for yourselves:

"deflect attention from its atrocious human rights record and fundamentally discriminatory policies."

The exhibit included displays on Better Place, an Israeli company responsible for manufacturing electric vehicles and displays presented by the Foreign Ministry detailing its agricultural aid programs offered to developing countries.

However, this display of Israeli pride was received with little enthusiasm among some members of the academia, including Jewish linguist Noam Chomsky, and faculty members hailing from Israeli institutes of higher education – Dr. Kobi Snitz from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Prof. Rachel Giora and Dr. Anat Matar, bother from Tel Aviv University.

"IIW is far from an innocent educational endeavor. It is part of a propaganda campaign by the State of Israel to present itself as a beacon of progress in a desert of backwardness and deflect attention from its atrocious human rights record and fundamentally discriminatory policies," the letter claimed.


IN VIEW OF Chomsky and other anti-Semites hiding under the banner of anti-Zionism, Israel can do no right. Helping Africans get better crops? Propaganda. Developing technology to save lives? Pure evil. Sorry – Evil. It’s the Jews we are talking about, after all.

Chomsky, a self-proclaimed genius, was caught on inaccuracies and outright lies hundreds of times, thus he is not being taken seriously by his political opponents – or even linguistic experts. The letter – signed by a group of idiots spreading hate speech and presenting no real solutions to any problem, is just another stone to the radical, extremist Left-wing, so rampant on hatred and so incredibly small on humanity.

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