Israeli experts rule mosque fire an arson

Posted: May 7, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Palestinians, West Bank
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Arson (Illustration. Courtesy: Michael Salas/ The Image Bank/Getty Images) Following a fire in a mosque of West Bank Palestinian village of al-Libban al-Sharqia, Israeli experts investigating the fire in the village ruled out possibility of an electric fire, saying the fire likely an arson:

Senior firefighter Jacky Binyamin told Ynet that although no inflammatory materials were found at the scene, the team had ruled out the possibility of an electrical fire and therefore arson seemed more probable.

Binyamin added that the investigation had been carried out with the full cooperation of the Palestinian Authority’s fire investigators. "All of the findings gathered at the mosque were sent to forensics for investigation," he said.

Investigators began by probing the suspicion that the fire was caused by an electrical shortage, but now suspect arson may have been the case.


THE SITUATION, PERHAPS, would bring more tension in relations between local settlers and Palestinians living in the area. However, greater degree of cooperation between Israeli authorities and their Palestinian counterparts could help everyday people distinguish between acts of few extremists and most Israeli people. Attack on a holy place is a disgrace for any person of any religion, thus close cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians – on both official and civilian levels – is a step forward.


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