Israeli Palestinians call for terrorists’ release

Posted: May 7, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Gilad Shalit, Israel, Israeli Palestinians, Palestinians

Shalit tank in town of Qassem Israeli activists for the release of captive Gilad Shalit, visited Israeli Palestinian town of Qassem, hoping a self-made display – a wooden tank, carrying Shalit – would encourage the locals to express their views and make PM Netanyahu understand that the demands for Shalit’s release are coming from all Israelis:

Some 300 residents waited for the tank, but many of them left due to a delay in its arrival.

Yaron Sagi, the reserve Armored Corps battalion commander who had commissioned the tank, said he plans on bringing it to other Arab-Israeli cities "so that Bibi (Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) will realize that there is a desire to see Shalit released among all of the country’s population."


LOCAL LEADERSHIP WORE a peaceful mask today, saying they want to see the release of prisoners:

Kfar Kassem Mayor Nader Sarsur praised the initiative and said, "We hope Gilad Shalit, as well as the security prisoners who are jailed in Israel, will be freed as soon as possible. This deal (prisoner swap) must be finalized."

While the words are formidable, between the lines hides the truth: many jailed Palestinians are actually terror activists, some of them responsible for murdering Israelis, others for planning or supporting implementation of assaults. Moreover, unlike Shalit, Hamas prisoners get full access rights, satellite TV, food and education from the Zionist entity. As for Shalit… Well, we don’t know what happens to him, as the United Nations sit on their hands, and Red Cross officials too busy stashing money they receive from donations. Good work, everyone, now we can go home!


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