Haaretz de-legitimizes competition, hypocritically slams government

Posted: May 8, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Activists, Anti-Israel, European Union, Human Rights, IDF, International, Israel, Palestinians, Press and Media
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Israeli daily Haaretz, the bastion of radical Left-wing thinking, often goes beyond journalistic professionalism. Yes, I know, criticizing a government is journalist’s duty, and a professional reporter should always be skeptical about the government. However, a journalist should also look at the issue from both sides, and exclude outright hypocrisy from his or her stories.

Case in point:

The reporters that came witnessed a surreal event, in which the official Foreign Ministry briefing room was turned over to a politically right-wing nongovernmental organization. Though it was Ayalon’s office that invited the press, the briefing was conducted by a public relations agent for PMW rather than the Foreign Ministry.

PMW’s activities are entirely legitimate, and some of its findings could clearly be categorized as disturbing evidence of anti-Israel incitement. Yet many of the journalists in attendance, who included many representatives of foreign media outlets, were not aware that PMW is led by a right-wing activist, and that many other such activists, from Israel and abroad, are involved in it.

Marcus, in addition to his position with PMW, is also vice president of the New York-based Central Fund of Israel, which provides financial support to a variety of right-wing organizations, such as Im Tirzu, as well as a range of activities in West Bank settlements.


BEFORE WE GET into any discussion, let us publish “some of its findings”, most of which Haaretz’s Ravid attempts to dismiss: blatant cases of child indoctrination, calls for murder and genocide, as well as spreading racial and religious hatred.

(You can also visit PMW’s YouTube channel)

As Haaretz takes its time to criticize government for lack of transparency, I could only wonder of its editors’ deeply-planted hypocrisy. After all, time after time new daily published articles and booklets by radical Israeli Left-wing organizations, without a single mention of those being funded by European governments, such as Great Britain and Belgium. Palestinian Rights Groups, such as B’tselem and Machsom Watch receive millions of dollars in foreign aid, by governments meddling in foreign affairs. Israeli groups such as ones mentioned, publish one-sided stories, attempting to propagandize the reader into own mindset.

For example, why won’t you go ahead and visit B’tselem’s website. It’s great, and got much information, but it comes with a caveat – you will get next to no information about Israelis and Jewish victims. Visit the Separation Barrier section, and you will get dozens of paragraphs about Israeli violations; visit Beating and Abuse and you will get hundreds of hand-picked Palestinian testimonies. And now, click on Palestinian Violence and voila – you will get… eleven (as in 11) paragraphs. That’s it. Decades of Palestinian terror – and only eleven paragraphs, that barely mention Palestinian terrorism, concentrate on rocket fire, and the manage to stick a section about how Israel should respond to rocket fire according to international law. No doubt, B’tselem is a vile, radical, biased organization, used as a proxy by Arab and European element to destroy Israel from within.

And yet, this is no news for Haaretz, nothing demanding disclosure. The groups are still being championed by local reporters such as Amos Harel and Amira Hass.

Last, but certainly not least, Haaretz gives voice to outright anti-Semites, such as its own opinion columnist Gideon Levy, who wrote this a year ago:

A few days after tens of thousands of Israelis raised their eyes to the heavens at dawn to honor “the return of the sun to the place it stood at creation,” and millions of Israelis joyfully read out praise in the Passover Hagaddah for genocide – jihad by means of horrific plagues and drowning infants – it’s time to admit it: We live in a religious country.

(April 13, 2009)

That’s right – for Haaretz, Jews celebrating their release after 400 years of slavery is “genocide”. See? Everything is so black and white when you are a Left-wing anti-Semitic liberal. God bless us all for democracy.


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