Hamas feels the pressure, whines, opposes negotiations

Posted: May 8, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Gaza, Hamas, Israel, Palestinians
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Feeling the pressure? Hamas' Haniyeh With Hamas officials in Gaza attempting to escape the intense flames of their citizens’ anger, they use the last refuge – attacks on others:

The de facto cabinet said Tuesday it rejected all efforts to enter into talks with Israel "under Israeli pressure and American conditions," ministers said during the cabinet’s weekly session.

Ministers further condemned the Arab League’s endorsement of US-brokered proximity talks, saying the body "exceeded its authority by giving a cover to negotiations, which further contradicts the resolutions made during the Sirte summit in March."

"The Palestinian negotiator is not authorized to compromise on the rights of our people," the de facto cabinet meeting minutes read.


HERE, HAMAS ATTEMPTS to garner few cheap points at expense of the Palestinian people. Hamas wants to stay in power, and in condemning Fatah it plays the old mantra of “Fatah sticks with the Zionists and the Americans”. The strategy is not likely to bear much fruit, as Fatah’s “sticking” significantly improved economy and security in the West Bank.

The statement, however, underscored an issue to be addressed in the proximity talks – with Fatah and Hamas unable to reconcile, it is unclear if any solution would bring peace. Under current circumstances, some analysts say, an option of three states should be considered – Israel, West Bank and Gaza. The situation, however, is unlikely to deteriorate so far, as hard-pressed Hamas would have to either give up its positions on start an all-out, desperate war with either Israel or Egypt, both of which are likely to bring an end to Hamas’ rule in Gaza Strip.


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