Hamas is low on cash, slashes salaries

Posted: May 8, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Gaza, Hamas, Palestinians, Terrorism
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Hamas is running low on those Previously, I wrote about Hamas being in a crisis in Gaza. As you remember, while in the past Hamas was all-powerful thanks to its smuggling, now that Egyptian authorities are setting up a separation wall of their own, Ismail Haniyeh finds himself cash and arms-strapped:

In a press statement, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance Ismail Mahfouz said the government yesterday began paying out last month’s salaries, paying full wages for those of salary below 1500 shekels (425 dollars) … wage earners of 4,000 shekels would receive half the salary, with top payment being 3,000 shekels, for top-level wages. The overall number of [Gaza’s] government workers is 32,000, with total amount paid standing at $16,000,000.

Well-informed sources in the Gaza Strip, say that the government in Gaza suffer from a crisis of financial liquidity, as the result of constraints imposed by Egypt on transfer of funds to the Gaza Strip via tunnels.

(PalPress News Agency through Elder of Ziyon)

HAMAS OFFICIALS NOW feel the heat, and they seem to lose grip on Gaza’s civilian population. Haniyeh expects riots could break up on the streets in a few months if money flow stops completely, as Hamas would not be able to pay but to its most significant arm – the military, which he needs most to control Gaza. If gun-wielding thugs would join the angry mob, Haniyeh could find himself running for dear life… Likely – to Israel, as Egyptian authorities would likely not allow him to cross into Egypt.


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