Iran detains 80 for “pleasure seeking”

Posted: May 8, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Human Rights, International, Iran, Middle East

Iran's Revolutionary Guard. Would shoot on sight for Ahmadinejad. With Iranian troops shooting protesters on sight, it is not surprising at all that Iran’s “moral police” arrests 80 youths for “lustful pleasure-seeking”:

"Police entered the venue where this illegal concert was being held … 80 boys and girls in inappropriate outfits and under abnormal conditions were arrested," he was quoted as saying by the ISNA news agency, without elaborating.

He said their cases were sent to a Tehran court, where they were charged with taking part in "lustful pleasure-seeking" activities, adding that alcohol had also been seized.


CERTAINLY, THIS IS not surprising at all, and modern liberal thinking goes that Iranians should be left alone with their regime – they elected Ahmadinejad, didn’t they? Just like the Soviet people elected their officials, voting 98.9% for the Great Leader. Yeah, how did that work out for the Russkies?

Ultimately, Iranians should know that they have only themselves to count on. Recent elections should have proved the point: even in time of crisis, the Iranians would be left to fend for themselves and die by themselves, as no one would come to their aid.

Sad, but true: the Iranian people, if they will feel the need to, would have to overthrow the government. They would have to sustain the casualties and use the force. It is possible, though.

Until then, women would continue to get stoned, people would get arrested for listening to “evil”, “Zionist” music, while Iran will head UN’s watchdog on woman’s rights.


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