Syria’s Bashar says no partner in Israel

Posted: May 8, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Middle East, Peace Process, Syria
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Turkey. A poor mediator. Being unable to move forward with re-acquisition of the Golan Heights, being pressured by the Americans to cease terrorist activity, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad has only on option left: constantly attack Israel for not willing to reach peaceful agreement with its northern friendly neighbor:

"At this moment there is no Israeli partner for negotiations that could lead to a peace  based on international principles," Assad said during a state visit to Turkey.

During a joint press conference with Turkish President Abdullah Gul in Istanbul, the Syrian president said his country would insist onTurkish mediation in any future peace negotiations with Israel.

Israel continued to reject Turkey as an arbitrator because  it was "unused to fair and neutral mediation",  Assad said.

He added that Israel would not agree to Turkish mediation for fear talks would lead to a real peace treaty, which "Israel has no intention of making".


OBVIOUSLY, ISRAELI REFUSAL to work with the Thanksgiving country has nothing to do with Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s constant Israel-bashing, and support for its radical adversaries, certainly making it a partisan mediator.

Al-Assad needs to throw some weight off his shoulders, and who better than the Jews? With him brining none of the promised reforms to his people, unable to start a real diplomatic process and forced, by Iran, to support Hezbollah, he has little way out of “Axis of Evil”. Little will too, however, as Assad never attempted fair negotiations, stating, for example, that Syria would not use any kind of military force against Israel in case peace agreement is reached. Moreover, Assad deadlocked any possibility of talks by refusing to halt support to Hezbollah in order to start Israeli-Syrian talks.


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