As Gaza starves, Jordanians burn food en-masse

Posted: May 9, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Anti-Israel, Israel, Jordan, Middle East

Jordan's King Abdullah. Power slipping away? I guess fake pride is way more important than lives, as Jordanians took to the streets today, burning Israeli fruits and vegetables. Or maybe Gaza is not starving after all?

Hundreds of members of the Anti-Normalization Committee, which fights against normalization of economic relations with Israel, set fire to hundreds of fruit and vegetable crates imported from the Jewish neighbor.

The protest, held in Amman’s central marketplace, came a day after Jordanian clerics issued a religious edict that forbids purchasing merchandise from Israel.

Director of Jordanian trade unions Dr. Ahmed al-Armouti said that these activities reflect the Jordanian people’s stand in respect to normalizing ties with Israel. According to al-Armouti, such normalization will serve as a recognition of the "occupation’s legitimacy and existence," and lead to "economic, political and security dangers that might threaten Jordan’s stability."


THE “JORDANIAN PEOPLE” ANC seems to speak for, are likely local Palestinians. With nearly two million Palestinians, out of total Jordanian population of just over six million, former have real power and threaten local monarchy – and it wouldn’t be the first time. Unlike his father, King Hussein, who took strong stance against Palestinian rebellion – going to extremes such as genocide, killing up to 10,000 civilians during Black September – king Abdullah outdoes himself trying to appease local Palestinian population by threatening Israel with harm. As he keeps his face straight, however, Abdullah understands he is actually threatened, and he might be the one to lose everything Hashemite dynasty achieved until now. If Abdullah turns to highly anti-Israel rhetoric, thus undermining Israel-Jordan peace agreement, he might see West’s back, thus losing much in economic terms.

Thus, it is Abdullah – not Israel – who has to choose his path now. If he fails to choose the correct one, he might indeed stay in power – of an impoverished, angry country, that might eventually bring him demise.


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