Radical left criticizes E.Jerusalem construction

Posted: May 9, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Activists, Human Rights, Israel, Israeli Palestinians, Palestinians
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Logo of a radical Left-wing organization "Peace Now" In a blatant attempt to create a self-imposed Apartheid regime, Israeli radical Leftist organization Peace Now decried beginning of renovations on an old police station in East Jerusalem, as a prelude for construction of several apartment units:

Some 50 Jewish families currently live in six buildings in Ras al-Amud, where an American Jewish millionaire has purchased land for Jewish settlement.

The plan calls for the construction of 104 housing units on the land where the former headquarters of the Judea and Samaria police was housed before it was moved to a new building in Area E-1.

The plan for the building of the new settlement, Ma’aleh David, was filed for approval last summer by the relevant municipal committee at the Jerusalem municipality.

But Peace Now said renovations within the former station did not require municipal building permits – official approval that could torpedo the new peace negotiations.


ONE MUST REMEMBER that groups such as Peace Now, Breaking the Silence, B’Tselem and a few others are not being taken seriously by Israelis. Not only these groups mostly ignore Jewish casualties and anti-Jewish attacks, but they also do their best to de-legitimize Israel, using such tactics as writing off killed terrorists as civilians, organizing violent riots and allowing foreign governments to meddle in Israel’s internal affairs. When it comes to Jews being killed by Palestinian terrorists, you will never see these “human rights activists” – actually “Palestinian rights activists” – protesting Arab violence.

While the reader should take information released by such sources into consideration, it is important to understand the motives of such groups.

As to the construction itself, it could stifle negotiations and bring certain amount of tension between the two sides. Thus it would be in Palestinians’ best interest to go ahead with the talks, not use various stalling tactics and preconditions.


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