Hamas says PLO represents no one

Posted: May 10, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Hamas, Israel, Palestinians, Peace Process
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Look at 'em all silly in their green caps. As the proximity talks between the Israelis and Palestinians began, Hamas says this is the most dangerous phase. Wow!

Hamas parliamentarian Ahmed Baher said Sunday afternoon that the Palestinian negotiators do not represent anyone but themselves, adding that the talks were merely an excuse to "allow Israel to confiscate more lands, build more settlements and Judaize Jerusalem."

Baher said the PLO Executive Committee, which approved the resumption of negotiations with Israel on Saturday, was an illegitimate body. The senior Hamas figure called Israeli construction in east Jerusalem an attempt to provoke the Palestinians, the Americans and the entire world.


BAHER, OF CORUSE, failed to mention that his Hamas represents even less people than the PLO. With Hamas failing on every count, the PLO claims victory after victory, with it pushing through 50% support among Palestinian population. While Hamas rules impoverished Gaza, the PLO – through non-PLO Salam Fayyad – restored much of Palestinian economy and managed to keep the West Bank mostly secure.

Ismail Haniyeh should be careful, though: if he uses such language now, his vocabulary could end by the time the actual talks begin.


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