Israel’s VPM says can strike Iran’s nukes

Posted: May 10, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Iran, Israel, Middle East

Nuclear victory for Iran? Doubtful. In what seems to be a part of constant back-and-forth, Israeli Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alaon told a panel today Israel improved its aerial capabilities and has the ability to strike in Iran:

"There is no doubt that the technological capabilities, which improved in recent years, have improved range and aerial refueling capabilities, and have brought about a massive improvement in the accuracy or ordnance and intelligence," he said.

"This capability can be used for a war on terror in Gaza, for a war in the face of rockets from Lebanon, for war on the conventional Syrian army, and also for war on a peripheral state like Iran," said Ya’alon, a former chief of Israel’s armed forces.


WHILE THERE IS no explicit threat in Ya’alon’s words – certainly not of a kind usually emanating from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – the words would certainly resonate somewhat in the Middle East, bringing the vibes to Tehran. As Iran’s militant rhetoric grows stronger, so does its fear of Israel’s strike, knowing Israel would have a hard time accepting nuclear Iran.

The IAF certainly has the capability to strike within Iran; Israeli politicians, however, are afraid of repercussions of such an attack. Thus I am certain beyond doubt that Israel will not attack in Iran.

Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons would not automatically shift balance of power between itself and Israel. The balance would certainly shift between Iran and other Arab states in the area – particularly Egypt. Israel would indeed have to take measures to discover nuclear weapons on its borders, which might be transferred to terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas. However, being in possession – allegedly – of nuclear weapons and systems which can neutralize such weapons, Israel would keep its safe place.


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