Israeli Palestinian MK says Jews should wish for Caliphate

Posted: May 11, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Anti-Israel, Israel, Israeli Palestinians, Palestinians

MK Masud Ganaim Joining several voices – such as Al-Qaeda’s Osama Bin Laden’s – Israeli Palestinian Knesset Member Masud Ganaim voiced his wished of establishment of a Caliphate, which would include Israel:

"I believe there is an urgent need to return to the Islamic caliphate. I believe this is the most fitting solution to the state of weakness, deterioration and erosion the Arabs and Muslims are suffering from," Ganaim said when asked if, as a devout Muslim, he believes an Islamic regime should be established in "Palestine or the Arab and Islamic homeland."

He said, "We are not necessarily talking about Israel here, but I believe an Islamic caliphate would be in the interest of the Jews themselves, since their golden era was under this caliphate."

In the interview, which was published over the weekend, the Knesset member said, "We believe the Nakba stemmed from the weakening and the collapse of the Islamic body, and we must therefore strengthen the Islamic body."


WHILE THE JEWS did live fairly well under Arab rule, they still suffered from various restrictions – particularly religious ones – such as inability to construct new synagogues (or repair crumbling ones). The Jews’ status varied from rule to rule, with some Muslim leaders outright despising the Jews for refusing the teachings of Mohammed.

If anything, Ganaim’s words are praise for Israel democracy, which was inexistent under Arab rule – in this democracy, an official member of its ruling body can call for destruction of the state he is serving, and bear no punishment. In Iran he would be executed the next day.


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