Fatah leader eyes boycott of entire Israel

Posted: May 13, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Anti-Israel, Palestinians, West Bank

Governor of Nablus, Mahmoud al-Aylool. Boycotts never brough good to Nablus; cooperation and security did. Seeing their announced boycott having little effect – and even being mocked by some – some Fatah leader eye extending earlier instituted boycott on products from Israeli-controlled West Bank onto entire Israel:

Speaking at a recent conference in El Bireh, next to Ramallah, Mahmoud al Aylool said an all-out boycott of all Israeli products is “legitimate resistance” because the PA market is Israel’s second largest outside of the United States. “The struggle is not political but rather is cultural and is connected to our daily lives,” he declared. Jordanian trade unions also are calling for a total boycott of Israel.

Aylool called on students to oversee activities in their homes and schools to keep out Israeli products. The conference was organized to raise awareness in the PA community of the boycott of Jewish products from Judea and Samaria.

Previous agreements between the PA and Israel ensure open markets, and implicitly prohibit boycotts. PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has led the movement to place an embargo on goods and merchandise from Judea and Samaria. Several weeks ago, he attended a public burning of thousands of dollars of Jewish products that were confiscated, and PA forces have arrested several Arabs for purchasing Jewish goods.

(Channel 7 News)

THE LUDICROUS PART of the boycott is that Palestinian people heavily rely on Israel for economics. Sure, they have some trade with Jordan and even some – virtually non-existent – with Syria. However, without Israeli goods, and without rights of passage through Israeli territory, the Palestinians would be stuck without anything, including food.

Al-Aylool’s move surely is a political one, where he calls upon Palestinian people to rally with him. Little do they realize that while they would endure the hardships of self-imposed boycott, al-Aylool and the likes would enjoy life in their mansions, surrounded by heavily armed guards.


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