Hamas scared of Israeli attack, constantly replaces Shalit

Posted: May 14, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Gaza, Hamas, Israel, Palestinians, Terrorism

Hamas' cowardly soldiers roam the streets during peace, terrorizing own citizens, but run away when IDF attacks. Gaza’s terror chiefs ordered captive Gilad Shalit to be moved to a new location twice every week, according to reports. Hamas leadership, driven by fear of Israeli assault to rescue the soldier, passed the orders to its minions, as well as one to boost security around the soldier:

Sources close to Hamas’ Qassam Brigades said in statements published on local Gaza news sites that Hamas changes the hideouts for fear that Israel was planning a "selective military operation to free Shalit".

"Hamas is smart enough to keep Shalit’s hideout a top secret," said the officials.

(Haaretz) (Emphasis mine)

WHILE WE CANNOT attest to Hamas’ intelligence, as we rarely see any, we can certainly testify to its cowardice, as proud Hamas fighters – who rule the streets, walking around with huge guns – ran away from incoming IDF forces during operation Cast Lead. As during that operation, Hamas’ decisions are driven by fear, not intelligent thinking. In fact, such behavior makes the job somewhat easier for the Israelis, as it gives intelligence-gathering aircraft more opportunities to discover Shalit’s current location. As for IDF Special Forces units, they are intelligent enough to set up and perform such daring operation within days or even hours. While there would be casualties, the IDF would finally do what it was set up to do – fight the terror, not negotiate with it.


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