Israeli FM criticizes PA, says Israel got terror for gestures

Posted: May 14, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Palestinians, Peace Process, Terrorism

Israeli FM Avigdor Lieberman Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is famous for his blunt way of addressing current issues. Today, he also did not pass on an opportunity to criticize the Palestinian Autonomy, saying Israel made many peaceful gestures in the past, receiving violence in response:

Israel’s many gestures to the Palestinians have been reciprocated by "slaps in the face," Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said yesterday. Speaking to Haaretz by telephone from Japan, Lieberman said that "we took the unilateral step of deciding on a moratorium, a construction freeze in Judea and Samaria. We recognized two states for two peoples. We removed a dramatic number of roadblocks."

He said that "I think we made countless gestures, and what did we get in return? The glorification of terror." He added that "the day before Israel’s acceptance by the OECD, [Palestinian Authority Prime Minister] Salam Fayyad approached dozens of countries with a request to sabotage that acceptance. They keep going on with their stories about war crimes during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. After all, [PA President] Mahmoud Abbas himself called and asked us, pressured us to continue the military campaign and overthrow Hamas."

(Haaretz) (Emphasis mine)

LIEBERMAN’S VERBAL HARSNESS makes him look aggressive; however, the man got a point. While both sides made countless mistakes in relations between each other, only PA produces TV shows glorifying shahids and calling upon Palestinians to rise to Zionist power.

On September 13, 1993, Israel signed the Declaration of Principles with the PLO, which was supposed to lead to peace. Here is a partial list of what it did lead to:

Oct 24 93 — Two IDF soldiers, Staff Sgt. (res.) Ehud Rot, age 35, and Sgt. Ilan Levi, age 23, were killed by a HAMAS Iz a-Din al Kassam squad. The two entered a Subaru with Israeli license plates outside a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip, whose passengers were apparently terrorists disguised as Israelis. Following a brief struggle, the soldiers were shot at close range and killed. Hamas publicly claimed responsibility for the attack.

Apr 13 94 — Rahamim Mazgauker, 34, of Hadera; David Moyal, 26 of Ramat Gan, an Egged mechanic; Daga Perda, 44, who immigrated from Ethiopia in 1991; Bilha Butin, 49, of Hadera; and Sgt. Ari Perlmutter, 19, of Ir Ovot in the Arava were killed in a suicide bombing attack on a bus in the central bus station of Hadera. HAMAS claimed responsibility for the attack.

Jan 22 95 — Two consecutive bombs exploded at the Beit Lid junction near Netanya, killing 20 soldiers and one civilian. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack. The soldiers killed were: Lt. David Ben-Zino, 20, of Ashdod; Lt. Adi Rosen, 20, of Moshav Bitzaron; Lt. Yuval Tuvya, 22, of Jerusalem; Sgt.-Maj. Anan Kadur, 24, of Daliat al-Carmel; Staff-Sgt. Damian Rosovski, 20, of Kadima; Staff-Sgt. Yehiel Sharvit, 21, of Haifa; Staff-Sgt. Yaron Blum, 20, of Jerusalem; Sgt. Maya Kopstein, 19, of Jerusalem; Sgt. Daniel Tzikuashvili, 19, of Jerusalem; Sgt. Avi Salto, 19, of Rishon Lezion; Sgt. Rafael Mizrahi, 19, of Ramat Gan; Sgt. Eran Gueta, 20, of Ashkelon; Cpl. Soli Mizrahi, 18, of Ramat Ramat Gan; Cpl. David Hasson, 18, of Ashkelon; Cpl. Amir Hirschenson, 18, of Jerusalem; Cpl. Gilad Gaon, 18, of Herzliya; Cpl. Ilie Dagan, 18, of Kochav Yair; Cpl. Eitan Peretz, 18, of Nahariya; and Shabtai Mahpud, 34, of Moshav Tnuvot.
Lt. Eyal Levy, 20, of Ashdod, and Cpl. Yaniv Weiser, 18, of Givatayim, who were seriously wounded in the attacks, later died of their wounds.

Feb 25 96 — In a suicide bombing of bus No. 18 near the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem, 26 were killed (17 civilians and 9 soldiers).
The civilians:
Daniel Biton, 42; Yitzhak Elbaz, 57, Boris Sharpolinsky, 64; Semion Trakashvili, 60; Yitzhak Yakhnis, 54; Peretz Gantz, 61; Anatoly and Jana Kushnirov, 36 and 37; Masuda Amar, 59; Swietlana Gelezniak, 32; Celine Zaguri, 19 – all of Jerusalem; Navon Shabo, 22, of Bnei Brak; Michael Yerigin, 16, of Kibbutz Maabarot; Matthew Eisenfeld, 25 and Sara Duker, 23, of the United States.
Wael Kawasmeh, 23, of East Jerusalem, and Ira Yitzhak Weinstein, 53, of Maaleh Adumim, later died of their wounds.
The soldiers:
Sgt. Yonatan Barnea, 20; St-Sgt. Gavriel Krauss, 24; St.-Sgt. Gadi Shiloni, 22; Cpl. Moshe Reuven, 19; St.-Sgt. Maj. (res.) Arye Barashi, 39; Cpl. Iliya Nimotin, 19; Cpl. Merav Nahum, 19; Sgt. Sharon Hanuka, 19; Arik Gaby, 16 (student in pre-army boarding school) – all of Jerusalem.
HAMAS claimed responsibility for the attack.

Mar 13 97 — Seven middle school girls from Beit Shemesh were killed during a school trip to the Peace Island park at Naharayim on the Israel-Jordan border, when a Jordanian soldier opened fire on the group from across the border: Natalie Alkalai – 13; Shiri Badayev – 14; Nirit Cohen – 13; Keren Cohen – 14; Ye’ela Meiri – 13; Adi Malka – 13; Sivan Patichi – 13.


Mind you, this is as partial a list as it ever gets (follow the link for hundreds more of examples). Since Israel signed peace agreement with the Palestinians in 1994, terror against Israelis rose, with Palestinians newly-armed by the Israelis, receiving billions of dollars from the international community. No one in the US and the EU cared to check where the money was going, of course. It went to Yasser Arafat – and terrorism.

There will be no peace between Israelis and Palestinians until the Arabs stop constant incitement against the Jews.


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