PLO notices embezzlement, is 40 years late; lies about proximity approval

Posted: May 14, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Palestinians, Peace Process

Arafat. Taking example from worst dictators, never shaved. They say it’s better late than never; however, I doubt they meant this late: just now Fatah chiefs gather to investigate disappearance of enormous sums of money from PLO funds in 1970’s:

The issue involves tens of millions of dollars of assets, according to various estimates, that Fatah’s chairman, Yasser Arafat, transferred to dozens of activists because the organization was not allowed to register ownership of the assets in Fatah’s name at the time.

Each received $2 million to $3 million in cash or real estate of various kinds, that were registered in the recipients’ names.

The financial management of Fatah at the time was primarily in the hands of Arafat himself, and there is almost no documentation regarding what was distributed and to whom.


YOU SHOULD READ the entire story at Haaretz. The story is not new, however, it is currently a news story, because the PLO just now decided to look into the matter, which is disgraceful in itself, as Arafat was stealing money from his own people. However, for the PLO it is no trivial deal – even now, Arafat is being idolized by many Palestinians. For example, on one of Fatah’s official forums, Arafat’s picture proudly takes place among Jerusalem’s buildings – despite the wars and miserable conditions he brought upon his people.

His deceptive legacy, however, lives on, as PLO’s approval of Israeli-Palestinian talks might be a fake, according to critics. For example, Elder of Ziyon blog notices this about PLO’s alleged approval of the talks:

However, Al Quds al Arabi noticed that the PLO meeting did not have the required quorum. Seven senior members did not attend. According to the PLO’s own laws, there was no approval.

That didn’t stop serial liar Saeb Erekat from announcing that the PLO approved the talks.

The game, as Pinchas Inbari at JCPA points out, is that Abbas will try to extract major concessions from Israel while pretending to agree to a couple of minor concessions himself – but the PLO will not approve them. At that point it will be too late for Israel to go back on its promises, which will have been publicized widely.

(Elder of Ziyon)

While the allegation still requires collaboration, Palestinians used similar tactics before. If PLO’s “green light” for the talks is indeed fake, Israeli government could – and should – exploit the case to bash the PA in international press.


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