BP steps up efforts to apprehend riots

Posted: May 17, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Activists, IDF, Israel

Belgian Malinois Shepherd In a previously unseen effort, Israeli Border Patrol used specially trained dogs in order to disperse riots by radical Left-wing elements in the West Bank, as well as apprehend the suspects:

"Although the dogs had restraints, it was still a step up in crowd dispersal means," the demonstrator said.

However, security officials say the new tactic helped spot and detain stone throwers.

"The dogs help us apprehend people without hurting them. They are not attack dogs – they are patrol dogs trained to use their sense of smell and vision to conduct short chases, pinning the suspects to the ground until the soldiers arrive."

The Border Guard’s Canine Unit includes a small number of fighters and Belgian Malinois Shepherd dogs, which are purchased in Europe and go through a prolonged training period alongside an assigned officer.


HERE IS THE funniest rant by the extremists:

"The IDF wants to set dogs on us, which reminds us of a dark time in the history of the Jewish people," one protestor said.

Calling the soldiers “Nazis”, stoning them and damaging property – as it usually happens –obviously has nothing to do with “dark times”.

The situation does make you wonder why it took the BP a decade to arrive to a conclusion trained dogs could be used to disperse riots. Moreover, it speaks of IDF’s and Police’s general incompetence on issues of riot dispersal. Both should be outdoing themselves to disperse riots with as little damage as possible, yet the tactic is only being used now.

True, security forces can use the hounds in relatively few situations, as many riots include firebombs and stoning – possibly causing irreparable damage to the animals. Yet, the tactic could be a useful one in riots such as ones taking place in Bil’in and Naal’in on daily basis, where thousands of dollars in damages could be spared if correct tactics would be used.


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