Failed journalist loses house arrest appeal

Posted: May 17, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Activists, Anti-Israel, Israel

Alleged spy, Anat Kam. Here is a lesson for you kids: if you want to be a real journalist, do not take your time to steal classified documents and pass it on to other people. And when you get caught, definitely do not act like a crybaby:

A Tel Aviv court on Sunday rejected a plea by Anat Kamm, a former soldier arrested for leaking secret military documents to the press, to ease the terms of her house arrest.

Kamm had sought permission to leave the house for up to two hours each day to "get some fresh air".


Judge Oded Mudrik criticized the appeal, saying that in requesting that Kam not be held in police custody until the conclusion of legal proceedings, her lawyers had not insisted that she be allowed to leave her apartment for two hours a day.

"There is no room to compare house arrest in an apartment in central Tel Aviv – with the possibility of leaving the house for court hearings or to meet with attorneys – to actual imprisonment," said the judge.


IT SEEMS THAT for Kam, the whole story is a nightmare. Kept 24/7 in a small apartment, under constant supervision of one of her relatives (out of four approved), recognized on the streets as a traitor, Kam finds it hard to bear the difficulty. And that is exactly what should happen to people like her, except, maybe, she should be held in actual prison.


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