Lesson for Israel: Bahrain suspends Al-Jazeera

Posted: May 20, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Anti-Israel, International, Israel, Palestinians, Press and Media, West Bank
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Al Jazeera Al-Jazeera, radical Qatari news network, notorious for its anti-Israel and mainly pro-terror views, was temporarily suspended by Bahraini government, citing network’s lax interpretation of press ethics and rules:

Al Jazeera, with a record of tense relations with Arab states over its coverage of sensitive political topics, has recently aired programs on poverty and the treatment of Asian laborers, both sensitive matters in Bahrain.

"Bahrain has temporarily frozen the office of the Qatari Al-Jazeera Satellite TV Channel for breaching the professional media norms and flouting the laws regulating the press and publishing," the official Bahrain News Agency said, without giving details.


ISRAEL ITSELF HAS a long story with Al-Jazeera, at one point accusing it of openly aiding terror elements. Here is the kind of ‘objectivity’ you can expect from openly hostile network:


Here is what you will not get from this Al-Jazeera report: images from Palestinian TV teaching children hate and murder, Palestinian terror groups killing Israeli babies and Palestinian Muslims persecuting Palestinian Christians. You will also not hear about Arab governments calling on local Palestine Arabs to leave their lands ‘for a few weeks’ in 1948 to allow Arab armies to ‘wash feet in blood’ of the Jews. You will also not hear about murder and expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Jews from Arab countries all around the world. This is the reporting of The Island (Al-Jazeera).

Jews murdering Palestinians in cold blood, ‘unarmed’ resistance against armored IDF troops – this is the rhetoric prominent in the Arab world and is closely replicated, on a more professional level, by the Al-Jazeera crews.

Israel should – has to – make the tough decision and expel the network from Israel. While Israeli government decided to boycott the network a year ago, it is certainly not enough. This is the Middle East, and Israel should act accordingly.


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